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Los bonos de casinos y los programas de lealtad

The casino bonuses are one of the arguments used by many more players to choose a casino online.However, also © n is necessary to consider the bonuses and loyalty programs offered by casinos. 

loyalty programs include offers, benefits and bonuses casinos for loyal customers who frequently play. The way to enter these programs changes in each casino. While some online casinos you need to apply for entry into these programs, other casinos include all the players in their loyalty program. 

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These programs work with points. Every time you play for real money at the casino, you earn points. When you get enough, you are entitled to apply for awards and casino bonuses available. However, the points They vary according the game. Usually games that give more points are those in which the house has more advantages, such as Kino, slots and scratch cards. But if you play more blackjack or video poker, casino obtendrás fewer points. 

The majority of these awards and bonuses casinos are presented as a crà © dito on your account, you can get to about 25% or 30% of your deposit. However, the amount varies according your VIP level award.Casinos classify players in various VIP levels, which can range from 5 to 10 levels. In each of the prizes won are older and as your VIP level is higher, ganarás points faster.